DAN PADILLA: A Collection, An Erection, Not Perfection: LP

Mar 04, 2010

In this roulette of time, circumstances, and finances, Dan Padilla—J.Wang, Gene Doney, and Davey Quinn—have released these songs in some way, shape, or form since the formation of Dan Padilla, a band named after a man who is not in the band. And although I have versions of these songs on split 7”s, the Burrito CD, and the limited-run Foosball Club CD that was made due to touring Japan—knowing that it’s solid financial concept to sell things on tour in a foreign land—it’s a comfort to have them all sidled up next to one another in a long-playing 12” slab of colored vinyl that looks like streaked carpet underlayment. There’s something entirely reassuring about this collection—that you’ve finally alphabetized your records, all your socks are matched up, the puke stain’s finally off the ceiling, all the empty cans are in the recycling bin—and most, if not all, of your Dan Padilla songs have a nice place to roam around together. What’s it sound like? Gruff-voiced, cuddly underbelly, hard-earned DIY punk with secret, catchy-yet-twisted, and drought-hardened guitar lines that scrape like running through a dense copse of chaparral. Includes three covers: Pretty Boy Thorson, Jesus And Mary Chain, and Old Crow Medicine Show. Orient your map to that. Meet you there. PS: Totally fucking with you on the Erection part of the album title.

 –todd (Little Deputy)