DAN MELCHOIR UND DAS MENACE: “Madame Nhu” b/w “So Real”: 7”

Mar 17, 2008

Taking out the sextant and plotting the charts by the stars, Dan Melchoir works in the same territories as Billy Childish. Amateur-by-design zeal defined by its simplicity (and very often, its oddity). Prolific-by-nature. Art-as-life first with the strands of painter, musician, and writer all balled up together and inseparable. Here are two stripped-down, subdued tracks that take their time, but are worth following through the trellised garden of a unique mind who gets placed far too often in the “garage” cubby hole, which is a disservice because he’s much more than that. Nice.

 –todd (Plastic Idol, www.plasticidorlrecords.com)

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