DAN MELCHIOR: Hello, I’m Dan Melchior, aka Singer-Songranter: CD

Jul 22, 2006

It’s about what you’d expect when a guy makes a record with his wife instead of his ragged rock band; reduced volume and velocity, introspective lyrics set to contemplative arrangements (though pretty dense arrangements much of the time—while the sound isn’t really close, there are certain stylistic and conceptual similarities to Royal Trux), acoustic guitars and pianos, and the performer’s own visual art. I can’t quibble with most of it, and genuinely like a couple tracks (particularly the bouncy “Americana Strip Mall Rag”), but repeated listens draw attention to just that: repetition. Melchior, on this record, tends to beat certain lines into the ground, which puzzles me as he’s clearly smart enough to write a whole song’s worth of words. Ultimately that repetition will be the reason I won’t play this record much.

 –doug (Shake It)

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