DAN: Dan-Thology: 2 x CD

Jun 19, 2007

Here I am thinking, “What horrible pop punk band could this be?” Also, “How could they have sixty-four songs on a double CD and justify a discography?” The name of the band does not imply what is in store. With dread, I put disc one in the player and start reading the CD booklet. Strange. I learn this band was around from 1983–1988 in the U.K. I was around then. Maybe I was too drunk to notice, and I was listening to a lot of thrash, crossover, and speed metal at the time. But I know if I had heard it, I would be all over this band. From the liner notes, the band had gigged around with anarcho bands at the time like Conflict, Anti Sect, and Amebix but really was more melodic than their contemporaries. They sound to me a heavier Rezillos meets a more melodic and musically more interesting Vice Squad. There are hints of sounding like Crass too, but with more fun. The female vocals are the ringer here for me. With the constant cycle of members entering and leaving, they have a huge list of people who were in the band. I almost put this back so someone else could have reviewed it. That would have been a big mistake.

 –don (Boss Tuneage)

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