DAMNED , THE: So, Who’s Paranoid?: CD

Jul 03, 2009

At this point in their career, I have to applaud the band for continuing to put out new music. Maybe they should call up The Circle Jerks? There’s no “New Rose” here, but, overall, I found it to be enjoyable. The Captain still entertains on guitar and Vanian is still one of the coolest frontmen. What I really can’t wait for is to see them again next month. Monty’s spazzy dances will be worth the price of admission. “Maid for Pleasure” and “Little Miss Disaster” could slip into the set list and still please the hardcore punters. For those who like to trip out, enjoy The Electric Prunes-cue “Dark Asteroid.” Good work, men. Keep up the good work.

 –koepenick (English Channel)