DAMNED, THE: So, Who’s Paranoid?: CD

Jul 03, 2009

Never much followed these guys—like most punks my age. I love their first album or three, but after that, I’ve only sporadically checked in with ‘em over the years. Based on this, it sounds like they’re still very much mining the same potpourri of punk, gloom, psych, garage rock, ‘70s rock and whatever piques their interest in much the same fashion they have since the dawn of the ‘80s. Don’t mean for that to sound like an insult, ’cause it ain’t. They still rule a niche that’s all their own, and deliver the tunes with a vim that bands a third their age seem unable to muster. If you’re looking for stuff as incendiary as “Fish” or even “Love Song,” you’re gonna be sorely disappointed, but if you give it half a chance, you might be pleasantly surprised by what you do end up with.

 –jimmy (The English Channel)