DAMNED: Machine Gun Etiquette: LP

A reissue of this venerable U.K. punk band’s third album, their first without original guitarist Brian James, and a dual triumphant return to form and jumping off point for the sonic excursions they’d take for the bulk of their career. Straight ahead punker fodder like “Love Song,” Noise Noise Noise,” and “Anti-Pop” is paired with the proto-goth of “Plan 9 Channel 7,” the quasi-psych of “These Hands,” and the just-plain-brilliant “Smash It Up.” The label’s site says this has been remastered and is in hand-numbered limited edition batches of five hundred in 180 gram vinyl and five hundred in blue vinyl (well, 499, ‘cause this copy here is spoken for), so start huntin’.

 –jimmy (Drastic Plastic)