DAMNABLE EXCITE ZOMBIES: Discography 1990-1996: CD

Nov 15, 2011

The title says it all: a discography. A collection from various splits, a 7”, comps, and live set from their reunion in 2010. The name of the band should give a clue that the band was from Japan. What it doesn’t give away is that this band plays manic and raging-fast punk with precision. Reminds me a lot of Gauze and Systematic Death in vocal delivery and song structures. It’s a fearless attack that borders on collapse, yet they maintain to keep it together long enough to belt out the tunes. Adding a touch of grit is the raw production. It’s an 8-track sound that adds a bit of harshness, keeping it from sounding sterile. It is not uncommon that this band flew under my radar. I was a bit disengaged during the ‘90s. But someone put their money where their love is and compiled this for those who missed out the first time. Wondering what their originals go for on Ebay?

 –don (Not Very Nice, [email protected], notverynice.bigcartel.com)