Jul 14, 2011

Very Cramps influenced. The musicianship is pretty good. Surf, rockabilly, and blues all thrown in the blender. When I first heard this, I didn’t really like it much. Subsequent listens has made me appreciate it more. I hear more nuances than the last listen. I can appreciate where they’re going with this. Like I said at the beginning, they have a definite Cramps influence. But then they add some darker touches. I hear a bit of NickCave in the sound. I like the clean guitar sound quite a bit. It’s as if Dick Dale decided to join a shockabilly band. The songs move more at a cool pace than with wild abandon. They go a little wild on “Greets the Gang.” “Creepy Thing” is a stand out on here. It has a nice lurking tempo and a great guitar break that puts a little light in the murk. Also, really like “Hit Me Like a Man.” Sounds like the perfect song for driving across the desert. Wide open, sweeping, and still cool. “The Mo” sounds like something that should have been in a David Lynch film. Spidery guitar sound, shambling rhythm, and a sax to give more color.

 –M.Avrg (Terrotten, terrotten.com)