DAMAGE: Our World: LP

Nov 11, 2009

Man, these guys are so punk, it’s like they bootlegged themselves. In lieu of a label or any contact information whatsoever, the LP jacket just says, “No label. Do It Yourself.” However, a bit of internet snooping reveals that these dudes are Swedish and, upon repeated listens, shows that Our World is an LP of mostly mid-tempo, no-frills punk with more than a passing nod to their fellow countrymen, The Regulations, in sound if not necessarily aesthetic. Snotty and acerbic songs about hope, partying, hardcore, eschewing society’s standards, etc. Not the most cerebral lyrics, but that’s never really been the focal point of bands like this. The emphasis is on the attitude, that sneering punk swagger and ability to reconnect with a sound from yesteryear without ever flat-out aping it. It’s something so many European bands seem to excel at, this nod to the sonic venom of twenty or thirty years past while also updated and modifying it, keeping it fresh, and you can add Damage to that list. Pretty sweet album; just not sure how easy it’s gonna be to find.

 –keith (No Address Listed)

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