DAMAGE DONE, THE: Scream All of Our Clichés: CD

Sometimes you go out of your way to find some new types of food to eat. And other times you make another peanut butter and jelly sandwich, only to realize that you’re out of peanut butter. So you go to the store and find that they are out of the brand you usually buy, so you grab the off-brand that you’ve never tried before. You make your sandwich and it tastes like you expected, except one little tinge of flavor that’s different. You end up with something you enjoy, it’s not new or different, but because of how familiar it is, you appreciate at least partially trying something unusual. The Damage Done are much like that peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You hear the sounds of Jawbreaker and Lifetime like you have before, with a voice that’s a bit off, but still good. Recommended.

 –Bryan Static (Better Half, no address listed)