DAMAGE DEPOSIT: Straight to the Bottom: 7”EP

Jan 28, 2009

There’s no denying Damage Deposit’s posi-crew chops – more solid and massive than a battleship, all cannons a-blazing, with Youth of Today providing the shells and Felix Havoc barking the orders. What keeps them in check – for me – is that too-often-fucked-up barbed wire highwire act of getting a message across (21 and over hardcore shows are dumb, globalization creates more human slavery than the plantation system, don’t buy a puppy if you’re not in for a life-long commitment) is tempered with injections of humor (the oft overlooked connection between hardcore and drag racing and the clashing hardcore dance dojos of Ninjas and floorpunchers). Meticulous packaging with a fold-out middle with a drawing of mosh pit with the usual suspects, plus a monkey and a wolf makes for a nice package. Standout lyric: “not trying to get off the top, I just want to stay off the bottom.”

 –todd (Havoc)