DALI’S LLAMA: Autumn Woods: CD

May 08, 2013

This is one ugly band from Palm Springs playing some ugly music. I’ve thrown the phrase “they don’t give a fuck what you think” far too much in my reviewing career, so I’ll just avoid it this time and say they make it clear they’re just making music for their own pleasure and the release the get from it. It shows. I think it sounds like nice blend of heavy sixties and seventies rock like Deep Purple or Sabbath with doom, groove-oriented current stuff. It’s very, very raw. If these guys had the production and publicity of any number of the conformist bands on Relapse Records, they’d probably be just as popular, but I kind of prefer how they sound. As it stands, it’s very poorly-produced and refreshingly honorable slab of solid rock’n’roll from the deliberately hash-drawled vocals that are poorly mixed with the awesome slabby riffs. As Dead Moon is to White Stripes, Dali’s Llama are to High On Fire. Not trying diss any of those bands, but as far as sheer rawness goes that’s the best way to describe them. If you can get with that, you can probably hang with Dali’s Llama.(After writing the above review [and thinking Autumn Woods deserves another spin soon], I decided to give Dali’s Llama a google, only to find out they’ve been around twenty years! TWENTY YEARS! And they’ve released eleven albums on their own label! So they are the Dead Moon of stoner, groove rock and their crude recordings are exactly how they are intended to be heard. Respect!)

 –Craven (Dali’s Llama, dalisllamarecords.com)