Sep 29, 2008

On one hand, nice work on recycling the packaging of old dollar-bin records for this release, especially with the awesome green on gray silk-screened cover, though I was a bit disappointed to just find a CD-R inside. As far as the music itself goes, Daleth’s got a riff-heavy thing going on, somewhat like dark stoner rock ala Sword or The Fucking Wrath, though with a bit more speed thrown in there and a recording that’s pretty more ragged than those bands. Still, not bad, especially considering it’s one dude doing everything himself and he laid the drum tracks down first without having any idea what the rest of the music would sound like. Blueshift is one woman hammering it out on a violin—the resulting cacophony is loud and abrasive enough to peel skin. All told, there are some interesting ideas at play here, sonically and visually, but it’s still a bit too cerebral for my tastes. 

 –keith (For Documentation Only)