DAKAR AND GRINSER: Are You Really Satisfied?: CD

Jan 28, 2009

Some sounds do not die. Rather, they lay deep beneath a musical surface waiting for the right time to emerge. Take Dakar and Grinser, for example. From a quick scan of the CD jacket, it appears that the German label, Disko B, released their album Are You Really Satisfied? back in 1999, but it is only now that the piece has reached American shores. As for the music, think of something you might have heard in 1989. New wave was dead and Nine Inch Nails had yet to introduce the mainstream to boys in black nail polish and the metal-cold four-to-the-floor of industrial music. Bands like Nitzer Ebb and Front 242 were churning out single after single of brutal rhythms that seemed the antithesis of the era’s dance music fodder. Dakar and Grinser have captured that sound, seemingly at a time when it had fallen completely out of fashion. Witness the unholy animal lust of “Take Me Naked” and the urban decay of “Walking in Acid Rain,” two tracks that sound as if they were culled from Al Jourgensen’s repertoire. Even the decidedly more disco tracks, “Stay with Me” and “Professional Slackers” have a definite black-lipstick-and-dog-collar vibe. Of course, if you really are feeling the sinister dance vibe, there is always the duo’s cover of “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” which reminds me of 1000 Homo DJs cover of Black Sabbath’s “Supernaut,” where the dance and rock elements balance perfectly. The aforementioned track is the album’s underground hit, so chances are you may have heard it in a club or record store recently. Regardless, check out this album if you are feeling a bit nostalgic for your old Wax Trax collection.

 –liz (Disko B; www.diskob.com)