DAIKON: Complaining Songs: LP

Sep 19, 2013

I like Daikon, I really do. I like how their lyrics sound like open letters to friends. Friends they lost to suicide and friends whose negativity pushes them away are addressed with poignant sincerity. Yeah, they’re a good band and far better than a lot of the bands with a similar “indie” sound—for instance, all of the Young Adult Contemporary stuff coming out on Sub Pop—but sincerity and integrity isn’t everything and doesn’t always a great album make. With Daikon, the problem is there’s just not enough here. It’s sparse, clean, and spare to the point of being folky, but the instrumentation is way too light and airy to even fall into that group. Indie-sounding rock isn’t a void I need filled and these guys don’t have a solid enough sound to compete with other stuff I’m more likely to put on. I like it, I even like listening to it, but I wouldn’t ever think to put it on. The band Life At These Speeds comes to mind. They have a similar sound, but they’re much more musically interesting, and even those guys put out a dull album due to the trappings of their style. So while I appreciate the personal, almost perzine-like approach to lyricism, I’m pretty sure I’m going to sell this when I’m broke or need space with hopes they improve on their sound.

 –Craven Rock (Fullyintercoastal, no address listed)