DAGGER EYES, THE: Self-titled: LP

Mar 07, 2013

It was Lisa Czech’s artwork on the front and back covers that made me pick this up, then seeing this is on P. Trash made it all the more appealing. The Dagger Eyes crank out driving punk rock with science fiction and horror-themed lyrics. Don’t go thinking these guys are the Misfits. Instead, they’re their own beast, with a sound that is both fun and in-your-face. The songs are catchy—such as “Runover”—and the rhythm section works well together to give the songs their urgent attack. I’m finding myself listening to the second side the most. “Sick” is the definite standout—with its driving and catchy rhythm, as well as the insolent vocal delivery. It’s followed up by the manic “Seaside Holiday,” then the ender, “Drifting,” which reminds me of the early Circle Jerks, with some Big Boys-esque sounds thrown in to keep it discordant. Pretty good record that deserves repeated listens. –M.Avrg

 –M.Avrg (P. Trash, ptrashrecords.com)