DADDY LONG LEGS: Evil Eye on You: CD

Since i seem to be chronically unable to describe bands such as this guitar/drums/harmonica trio without using the phrase “bluesy squall” at least once, i might as well drop all pretense of insight and just call it “bluesy squall” right up front. Ergo, “bluesy squall” it is. Let me know to whom i address the royalty check. “I Feel So Electric” is kind of like what i imagine the Rolling Stones might have imagined they were sounding like when they were in actuality subjecting us to pale dreck like “Little Red Rooster,” however, more often than not, the disc kinda sounds like two Bob Log IIIs, a third guy bound and determined to do for the blues harp what Johnny Ramone did for the Mosrite® ((with a rare excursion into Dylan-honk or two)), but no motorcycle helmets nor Boob Scotch. Well, except for “Witch Hunt,” which sounds like Howlin’ Wolf doing that moaning thing in Hasil Adkins’s left ear, to noteworthy effect. Abidih abidih abidih, that’s squall, folks!

 –norb (Norton,