D-CLONE: Creation and Destroy: LP

Holy fuuuuck!! As soon as the needle hits the groove, you are hit with a massive wall of sound. I like how the drums open the song “I Wish…”. My jaw hit the floor with a thud as soon as I heard the thunder! The urgency is undeniable. It’s as though their lives depend on cranking this song out and pushing as much noise as possible through your speakers. Amid all the white noise you can hear the bass playing some catchy lines… and the drums… this guy is a god! You have to hear it to believe it. I like that they put a lot of low end in the mix, as it keeps the songs from floating away. It’s great when you can feel the bass run through a wood floor and up through your body. Totally puts you in the record. This isn’t a record you listen to with the volume down, or midway down. You listen to this cranked all the way up. AWWWWESOME! Comes packaged with a large tour poser as well. As if you need any more incentive.

 –M.Avrg (540, [email protected], chaosintejas.com/540/index)