CZOLGOSZ: Saipan: 7”

Oct 16, 2008

Harsh, scraping punk rock musically and lyrically in the vein of early ‘80s UK bands like Zounds and Crass. Not bad, but since they went so far as to call themselves anarcho-communists, I’ve got a couple of complaints to register. First off, Crass didn’t use computers to design their art, and neither should you. I really shouldn’t even have to say that, but it seems that more and more bands fail to grasp the point that pixilated computer printouts look like still frames from the old Super Mario Brothers game, which is to say, complete shit. And if you’re going to have a song called “Pro-Life is Terrorism,” make sure to include the lyrics, or at least an explanation as to why you feel that way. –Not Josh

 –guest (Rodent Popsicle, no address)

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