Feb 21, 2008

Czolgosz: anarcho-politcal punk with a strong Dead Kennedys influence. The name stumps me. Leon Czolgosz was executed on October 1901 for the assassination of President McKinley. He had been a socialist who became bored with the movement and moved to Chicago to meet with anarchists, who thought him to be a spy and rejected him. He implicated one his few supporters, Emma Goldman, in the assassination even though she was in another state at the time of his act. After she was released from jail for insufficient evidence, she still fought for him, and shortly before his execution he stated that she had never had anything to do with his actions. Oh, and their label, Sept 6, the date McKinley was shot, which has a PO Box address. That’s what I’ve never understood about anarchists. How can you tout anti-government rhetoric, but then directly benefit from a government institution like the postal service? If I stood that firmly behind those beliefs I guess I’d be saddling up my pony to deliver the mail. En La Olla: topical rather than political punk in that they deal with general concepts rather than direct issues. Lyrics are in Spanish. The better side of the split.

 –megan (Sept. 6)

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