CYNICS, THE: Buick Mackane b/w Born to Lose: 7"

Jun 19, 2007

I swear to God, The Slider is the most overrated T. Rex album ever (actually, every T. Rex album is pretty much the most overrated T. Rex album ever, except for the ones that are collections of like singles or whatever—i’ve probably got something like fifteen T. Rex albums and i can’t think of one that i ever get a solid hankerin’ to sit down and listen to all the way thru, other than Bolan Boogie or similar anthology [Electric Warrior included]). The Slider sleeve strikes me as something that was already parodied within the last ten years (exact data escapes me at the moment), and was “Buick Mackane” the T. Rex song Guns-N-Roses saw fit to desecrate on their The Spaghetti Incident album? I never liked that song much to begin with; i like it even less now that i realize it’s Kind Of Metal. The b-side is a totally rippin’ Heartbreakers cover; ordinarily i’d bitch about the lack of imagination evinced by yet another Heartbreakers cover (as if i’m one to talk), but it nicely cleans up the mess left by the a-side, so i guess it’s fifty-fifty all around. BEST SONG: …where i come from, it’s “Born to Lose” BEST SONG TITLE: …where you come from it’s “Born…gay!” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Record comes with a sheet of ten pre-printed jukebox tabs, with “Buick Mackane” misspelled ten different times.

 –norb (Get Hip)