CYMEON X: Pokonac Samego Siebie: LP

I tend to be put off by straight-edge hardcore. Mainly because I’m a bitter middle-aged man who has moved beyond the realm of all that straight-edge focuses on. Don’t give a fuck if someone drinks, don’t give a fuck about how dedicated to the core they are, because I know they will be long gone in five years time, tops. Basically, my problems and concerns are a lot more complex than they were when I was in high school. But then there are a small number of bands under the sXe umbrella who are pretty good. Poison Planet from Chicago immediately come to mind, and then there’s Cymeon X from Poland. For the most part, they stick to the usual formula of what it means to be edge, their love of hardcore, and dealing with the betrayal of being human. Their Inside Out cover is not all that raging. But they do sing about animal rights (a bit oversimplified, but it’s a step in the right direction)—which is something that has fallen out of discussion in today’s hardcore scene—and the songs about inner turmoil are more interesting than usual. Style-wise, they, again, are pretty much tied to the formula, with a definite NYHC influence in the rhythm section. Again, nothing new or earth shattering, but they play with conviction. Their originals are dynamic and packed with energy, which are the reasons I keep coming back to this time and again.

 –M.Avrg (Pasazer,