CYMEON X: Pokonac Samego Siebie: LP

Three vocalists? Three guitar players? Since I don’t read the Polish language, I’m wondering if they are mentioning a guest artist or two. That is one big crew and a lot of gear you would have to put in the van! From a quick search I have found that this band was in existence from 1991-1994 and then reformed in 2011. They are credited as being one of the first straight edge bands in Poland. Musically, a majority of the songs have that East Coast sound in the vein of Youth Of Today or Gorilla Biscuits. It’s more straight forward punk and less of the metal guitar sound. I think people classify it now as the 1988 sound of hardcore. I find this sound way more enjoyable in the long run than the modern hardcore bands. Maybe it’s my old age showing, but the music is more palatable for longer listening. But, mixed in, some of the songs are more of the modern hardcore variety with the heavy riffing and gang vocals. The different tempos add to the diversity of the record. If you are into the hardcore/straight edge, this should be put on your want list.

 –don (Pasazer)