CYCLOPS: Self-titled: 7” EP

BOOM BOOM! BOOM BOOM! I’m a huge Trashwomen fan. I owe the band a debt of gratitude. I came across the Trashwomen on a Peel in the States compilation I picked up when I was nineteen. Through them I became aware of Estrus Records. So to pick up a new 7” by Trashwomen Tina BOOM BOOM Lucchesi for review—that’s something of a treat. Cyclops is Jonnycat and BOOM BOOM. Their act consists of being Cyclops—singing about their lives and concerns as, you guessed it, cyclops. Background music is raw garage/punk thump. Fucking rad as hell. Caught this duo a month ago and they slayed. Totally recommended. Added bonus: great photos by Tiger Lily on the covers.

 –ryan (Jonnycat/Mutant Rock)