CUTTERS: We Are the Quarry: Cassette

This reflective fraggle rock from a quartet out of NYC pools together something old and something new. Hanging onto tracks from their earlier EP, Trying Not to Die, “X-Cutioner’s Song,” “Excitable Liefeld,” and “Young Gods” epitomize end-of-the-rope, somebody-please-help-me type vocals, much like Black Sparrow Press shot through with gang vox on the chorus and cock rock guitar solos. The new tracks look out from a Red House Painters autobiographical POV, juxtaposing frank, depressing lyrics with unconventional instrumentations like a sprinkling of magical triangle in “Batman 666.” At the end of it all, I wanna hand this guy a tissue and ask if he’s seeing a good therapist. Disparaging, barely hanging on—keep the sharps away from these guys. 

 –Kristen K. (Lost State)