CUTS, THE: Self-titled: CD

Feb 21, 2008

As best i can tell (and my knowledge of this band is by no means comprehensive), this is the band’s firstly-recorded, but secondly-released album. I thought the first one (i.e., the second one) plowed a passable demi-Television furrow, i guess (probably better than the actual second Television album, as i remember it, but that’s not saying much in either instance) – some manner of mutational present-day EastBay take on ‘70s Manhattan art-rock. This second album (which is the first one) kicks off with “Do the Sleeper,” an above average (and, for them, comparatively stormin’) ‘60s-ish pop-rocker whose opening riff kinda reminds me of the one in “Teardrop City” by the Monkees (which itself reminds me of the opening riff of “Last Train to Clarksville,” which drew heavily upon the opening riff of the Beatles’ “Paperback Writer,” so... you know, there ya go), spends a while sounding like what the Chocolate Watchband mighta sounded like were they the house band at Max’s Kansas City every Thursday night in 1976, takes one cool stumble into flat-out Velvet Underground (circa in between albums 3 and 4) piracy (with the guitar doing that one Lou Reed thing that i could show you with my mouth but would take far too long to dope out the proper written onomatopoeia for) and then meanders into something more Jefferson Airplane oriented and therefore beneath my notice. BEST SONG: Either “Do the Sleeper” or “Don’t Look Behind” BEST SONG TITLE: “The Spider” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The Pistons are up by one right now.

 –norb (Birdman)