CUT: Will You Die 4 Me?: CD

Mar 19, 2002

An Italian band, playing rock’n’roll, both male and female vocals singing in not-too-accented English – they’ve got the spirit, derived from such touchstones as the MC5 and X (the obvious comparison). This is the kind of album that makes you say, “Damn, I bet they’d put on a great show” on the first listen, and hey, let’s face it, I know plenty of guys who’d pay the admission fee to see the band just to get an up-close-and-personal view of singer Elena Skoko, a photo of whose (clothed) crotch is prominently featured on the cover of Will You Die 4 Me. “Sugar Babe,” which was probably my favorite cut from the album is available as a free mp3 download at If you’re into it, you should definitely consider the great foldout CD insert as incentive to pick up the whole CD. And, uh, the other tunes too.

 –Aaron J. Poehler (Gamma Pop)

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