CUT THE SHIT: Marked for Life: CD

Feb 21, 2008

On first listen, this twenty-seven song collection of Cut the Shit’s two EPs goes by like a blister forming. It happens quick. It’s painful, bulging, sensitive-to-the-touch hardcore, but it’s fun to pick at to see the pus ooze out, much like Dead Nation (who’ve been Tear It Up for a bit now, but I really like that Dead Nation record, Dead End). Several listens in, it’s as awesome by both what it is and isn’t. Thankfully, there’s no metal. It’s not jocky, but it’s as unforgiving as falling fifteen feet down onto cement. It’s also not 100% blurring by. There are great song titles. I can easily get behind stuff like “I Officially Have No Idea What It Is That the Kids Want.” It takes a bit for the ears to catch the pace – and this is what I really like – there are some melodies that sound like musical notes laced onto barbed wire being swung above their heads the whole time, a la DS-13, Career Suicide, and Fucked Up. The Bored to Death EP part of this CD sold me on ‘em. Me likey plenty.

 –todd (Gloom)