CUSTOMS, THE: Really Long Gone: CD

Mar 24, 2009

After one of Boston’s mightiest bands, DMZ, split up, there is a murky history of Lyres and DMZ cross-references; the lineage of which is confusing at best. In there, somewhere, is DMZ guitarist Peter Greenburg’s band The Customs. Really Long Gone is a reissue of the long-out-of-print album Long Gone, itself a twentieth anniversary collection of the long out-of-print 7”s. The twentieth anniversary collection, now ten years gone, is as rare as the 7”s, and so, once again, the world has access to The Customs. The Customs classic song is “Long Gone.” They have a superior version of the rock standby “Strychnine,” and the rest of the album rocks in that avenue. And too long has the world gone without it. Really Long Gone is an indispensable compliment to the DMZ and Lyres legacy; a must for fans thereof. –Billups Allen

 –guest (Shake It)