CUSTOM FIT: Self-titled: 12”EP

Jul 28, 2014

Custom Fit might be from the Bay Area, but Sabi, their terrific singer, hails from Slovenia. Female-fronted oi / street punk is way less common than it ought to be, and Sabi has the ideal voice for this type of music. The recording is of the super clean, slick variety, which suits these eight catchy songs well. There’s a heavy influence from both classic U.K. punk and oi, as well as from more recent U.S. street punk. There’s a definite Templars vibe to some of the riffs, sans that band’s affection for lo-fi sound mixes. Even in the crowded Northern California scene, Custom Fit is shining, playing tons and tons of shows. A proper LP will hopefully follow this 12” EP quickly. From the band name on down, everything fits on this great debut.

 –Art Ettinger (Pirates Press)