CUSTODY BATTLE: Self-titled: 10"

Mar 03, 2011

There’s an interesting dichotomy at work here—Custody Battle is couched somewhere firmly between the snarling, poppy, sweat-stained T-shirts and duct-tape everywhere approach of Shang-A-Lang and Future Virgins, but with flourishes and occasional structures and melodies that’s much more suited to stuff like Savant or even Here Comes A Big Black Cloud. Meaning these songs are lo-fi and fuzzed-out but scattered among some slow, dirty, droning, crazy shit. It works, but there’s a grace period involved; it took me a few spins to get locked into. The outside of the record’s pretty uninspired, but there’re some nice interlocking moments between the dissonant and jamming here. Not a jawdropper, but not bad.

 –keith (no address)