CURTIS SEALS / CHRISTIAN D’ORBIT: “The Scandalizer” b / w “Drive Me Crazy”: 7”

Jan 27, 2015

This is a bit of an unusual reissue from 1981. The folks on here are related to The Penetrators, who released both of these tracks (on a record Slovenly recently reissued), although neither seem to have any other solo releases. The fact that it is an unusual choice for a reissue, however, does not make it a bad choice. Beyond that, who doesn’t like a 7” stuffed full of swingin’ sounds? “The Scandalizer” is a rhythm and blues rock’n’roller, wherein the dude screams about how he’s “the best around.” Sounds like it could have been sitting on a shelf for about twenty-five years before its initial release. The flip features a raw and catchy garage punk number with yelled female vocals over the top. Definitely worth looking up, especially for the backside. 

 –Vincent (Windian)

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