CURSE, THE: six-song demo: CD

Feb 18, 2009

Holy shit, this rules! These guys are from my city (Philadelphia) and I’ve watched them grow into a great band over the last six months. This demo is a great representation of their capabilities. If you like blazing melodic hardcore (NOT like the kind that Fat or Epitaph usually put out) then you will absolutely love this. The Curse’s music contains elements of classic eighties hardcore, and some more mid-tempo (dare I say) streetpunk influences as well. The singer’s voice sounds like he swallowed nails, while still retaining some melody throughout. The vocals come at you relentlessly, barely pausing for breath. There are even hints of a Hot Water Music vocal influence in one of the breakdowns. The musicianship is tight and dead on, and the recording is top-notch. This totally crushes my puny little head, but I keep listening to it over and over (and over) anyway. Also, the lyrics are super smart and deal with subjects like religious school indoctrination and fighting the 9 to 5 workday paralysis. Get this. –Yemin

 –guest (the Curse)