CURSE, THE: Self-titled: CDEP

Jul 26, 2009

Who in the fuck in Philadelphia has the ability to make and perfectly record new, melodic hardcore? I want to shake their hand. The sound's full, all the instruments snarl, and the vocalist is right in the middle of the storm. As it should be. The Curse doesn't sound like a teen-rape band, nor do they sound like the entire band was sterilized, metronomed, click tracked and Pro-tooled to death. The drums don't sound like they were thudded and muddled on sponges, yet the Curse remains rasping and gnashing. Shiny, yet barbed, like huge loops of brand new concertina wire. This shit's so listenable and sounds so alive. If The Curse sucked – which they don't – it'd be glaringly obvious from the quality of the recording alone. The sound? Imagine Black Flag with less breathing room to get weird and angular, melded into Kid Dynamite (the vocalist and the intricate but not obvious shifts in pace, especially). To name contemporaries, I'd go with The Arsons and The Explosion, too. Great company to keep. I keep on turning this higher and wishing it was longer. Shit, yeah.

 –todd (Hell Bent)

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