Sep 18, 2013

Blistering early ‘90s SoCal-style power violence in the vein of later No Comment, Despise You, or Lack Of Interest. I love this band because on the modern powerviolence playing field that stresses excessive speed or sludge, Curmudgeon are okay with having good riffs that are mid-tempo and even, at times, hit straight hooks. The music is dark and brooding, but the lack of concern with sounding “like” a powerviolence band adds a whole different sonic level. The lyrics are printed on one side of the insert with explanations on the other. I used to hate it when bands did that because I felt it excused writing vague lyrics, and…well, I kind of still feel this way, but I’ve also learned that you can’t really judge someone because of how they choose to express ideas, so if they feel they need explanations to address the issues they need to address, that’s fine. The design of the sleeve and insert felt really cumbersome at first, but the more time I spend with the record, the more I appreciate the label going out of their way to make the packing engrossing and interesting while the record spins and you read through the lyrics.

 –Ian Wise (Not Normal, [email protected])