CURLUPANDDIE: The One Above All, the End of All That Is: CD

Jun 21, 2007

Heard of the band for years. Never listened to ‘em. Wrote ‘em off, aptly or not, as just another Revelation band. After listening to this album a few times I can see where I was right, but I can also see I may have fallen off the turnip truck a bit. The One Above All… is heavy, yeah, with some definite metal leanings and the requisite quiet/loud parts that seem so typical of this genre. (There’s not a whole lot of variance in the dude’s screamings and with a few exceptions the tempo generally doesn’t make it past the “we all just ate a shitload of Vicodin” level.) These are all things I generally associate with that label, and to me it’s frickin’ dullsville. But there is really something good and innovative that’s going on here. When Curl Up And Die speeds it up, the music’s technical but manages not to sound like a bunch of guys just slapping odd riffs together. For the most part, they’re managing to come across as both inventive and coherent. The lyrics are dark, introspective, and smart. The cover and interior art is hilariously weird and totally misleading, straying about as far away from the “obscure photo of industrial landscape that we’ve Photoshopped the fuck out of because we want it to look like Jacob Bannon designed it” that so many bands of this ilk seem to be shooting for nowadays. They’ve gotten the idea of “band dynamics” down pat, this incredible idea that one instrument is just as important as another and any one of said instruments are capable of spearheading the way throughout the song, and there are a good handful of moments here that are actually pretty incredible. The verdict’s still out, but I think this is one of those albums that’ll grow on me exponentially every time I play it and consciously keep my ears open.

 –keith (Revelation)