CURIOSO: Isso Fica Por Sua Conta: 7"

May 27, 2009

I noticed that some bands in Japan, like Tomorrow and Corrupted, are not singing in Japanese or English but Finnish, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Since the bands I have heard previously did that, I was expecting something more on the line of fast punk, crust, metal, or sludge from this band. I figured since this is the same label that put out the first 9 Shocks Terror LP a few years back, that was what I was going to hear. I was completely wrong. These guys are very melodic with background vocals that are harmonic but don’t detract from the energy. The songs are infectiously catchy and sound like they are having fun. It may sound weird, but this has the feel of the Monkees playing punk; a combination of the best elements of street punk and melodicore mixed together. I’m not one of many languages, so I don’t know if this band sings in Portuguese, Italian, or Spanish. But, for sure, it’s not Japanese. A sure surprise that hasn’t strayed far from my turntable since I received this.

 –don (Devour)