CUNT LICKER: This Mess Is Home: CD-R

May 28, 2014

They call this their debut album, but come on guys, just ‘cause you put a hand-cut sticker label on a CD-R don’t elevate it from demo to album, especially with that boom box recording. Sorry, facts are facts! That said, this is something I actually wish I could hear properly. As you might suspect, this is in Antiseen / Hammerlock / Dwarves territory and with songs like “The Fuckin’ Song,” “How to Stuff a Taco” and “Drink My Life Away,” you know it’s time to crack a “cold Coors in a can” and use your favorite Yankee liberal’s picture for double barrel target practice. (Jokes, people!) Attention any Kentuckian with gear: help get these fuckers a decent recording! Also maybe a bassist. 

 –Chad Williams (No Hope In Hell,