CUM STAIN: Hurry Up and Kill Yourself: LP

Jan 19, 2012

This record contains a nice selection of three chord punk’n’roll. I’m usually turned off by graphic names, but I saw Cum Stain last year and they delivered in a big way. The record delivers as well, although it is inexplicably designed to look like a Crass spoof. I don’t get the joke, but maybe I am missing something. I can’t tell if the lyrics are as extreme as the album title. The opening song, “Bachelor’s Life,” moves at the pace of poppier Nobunny, and is consequently one of the only songs where the lyrics aren’t lost in the reverb. The song is a nice list of things that make up the lexicon of the lone punk dude, including loads of masturbation references. I can’t fully make out the lyrics to “Broke My Dick,” but I can imagine that it is pretty clear. Still, none of it seems like anti-P.C. shtick. The whole package comes across as sincere, off-the-cuff punkitude. The band is off the rails on a good, fun thing. The record speeds up and slows down and rocks and rolls. It’s a keeper.

 –Billups Allen (Burger)