CULTURE KIDS: Self-titled: 7"

Jan 19, 2012

There’s something charming about guitar tones that sound like knives zinging over whetstones. Same goes for vocals that sound like strangulation. Same goes for “I call bullshit! Beer-battered-bullshit!” lyrics. Who knew JFA’s Blatant Localism EP wouldn’t flat spot after all these years? With skate-infused thrash punk the devils are in the details, and, for some reason, the illustration on the insert bugs me. Think Suicidal Tendencies-ish skull. Think Schmidt Stick—rails (I’m surprised there’s not a lapper) with an ankle-biter tip. But there aren’t any front trucks on the deck at all. Maybe so the band’s name could fit on the graphics. That’s weird. I like this record. I’m predisposed to. It’s the stuff I loved when I was thirteen years old. No surprises, just shredding. Ditch skating prior to the ascendancy of street, when Rodney Mullen wore day-glo.

 –todd (Self-released)