CULTURCIDE: Year One Again: CD

Mar 13, 2007

Although I’d heard of these guys many a moon ago, I’d never heard anything by them, but figured since they were from Texas the worst they’d be was interesting. When Todd told me there was some connection to Really Red and that he liked their Considering Museums as Concentration Camps single, I was sold. I was not, however, prepared for this. Collected here is the work of an old, obscure Houston noise rock band propelled by an ancient drum machine, synthesizers, a guitarist playing more by feeling than by structured musical theory, and a guy with a Texas twang laying down some profound thoughts. The result is some grade-A, WEIRD fuggin’ tuneage that would fit right in with Nervous Gender, The Screamers, Scratch Acid, and, yes, the Butthole Surfers. Not “punk” in the safety pins and stupid hair sense, but about as fucking hardcore as you can get, kiddo.

 –jimmy ([email protected])