Through the decades of rock’n’roll, there have been countless songs about living hard with the help of booze and multiple outrageous sexcapades, primarily written by the male populous. Until now. This NYC-based outfit is comprised with a triple-whammy of super singin’ gals—E-Bomb, Mame-Town, and J-Train—and their four fabulous Faggettes holding down the rhythm section, guitar, and keys (quite fuckin’ nicely, I might add). Without at all being derivative, C&TF celebrate the spirit of singing groups like The Shangri-Las and The Ronettes coupled with the rollicking purr of bands like Throw Rag, Mad Daddys, and the Ramones. This is the band that Phil Spector would literally have gone apeshit over, had they been on the scene back then some fifty years ago. But lucky you, you derelict rock’n’roller you, you get to hear them NOW. “You Taste like Intervention,” “The Toxic Shock,” “New York Girls,” “Daddy Issues”—this rekkid is packed to the gills with tunes laced with incredibly catchy hooks, sang with the filthiest of lyrics guaranteed to make even the creepiest of creeps smirk. Rock out with your cock/rack out, indeed! One of my fave albums this year. I am very much looking forward to eventually catching C&TF live.

 –dale (Drug Front)