CRUSH ZINE #3 : $2,(or trade) , 5½” x 8½”, photocopied, 31pgs.

Nov 21, 2013

As an avid partisan of anything cute—i.e. cats, hearts, etc.—Zine Crush encompasses all of the above with a hint of nostalgia sweetly tied to that butterfly-infusing first crush feeling. As self-described on the front cover even more confessions of like, the zine is a collaborative collection of short stories and comics that brings that awkward teenage versions of ourselves back into memory, in a good way. The zine centers on creating a place to share infatuation with other “zinesters,” aka a good way of hearing about other zines and artists, a sort of public place of appraisal. In a community that encompasses sharing common goals, feelings, ideas, and interests; if this isn’t pro-DIY I don’t know what is. –Nicole Macias (Zine Crush, PO Box 936, Portland, OR97207,