CRUSADES: The Sun Is Down and the Night Is Riding In: CD/LP

Man, I wish I didn’t have such a shitty memory, otherwise I could tell you a bunch of bands that Crusades sound like. But they’re all good bands—bands you like and are catchy with some emotionally tinged vocals that drive you inside your head and thoughts. However, Crusades still retain a driving, yet melodic pop punk sound with three vocalists who all bring their own depth to the music, making it unique despite the generic nature that many might attach to the pop punk genre. A couple suggestions to them, though: 1) the snare seems to be the dominant sound from the drums. It’s not real diverse and should probably have been mixed down a bit. 2) Make your album longer! Ten songs in twenty-five minutes aren’t enough! (The LP has ten songs; the CD has four additional tunes.) Most of the songs seemed to be over just when I started to get into them. I want more Crusades! (The band, not literal religious crusades.)

 –kurt (It’s Alive)