CRUSADES, THE: Self-titled: 7”EP

Dec 28, 2010

What the Statues are to Canadian office work, the Crusades are to Satan. To the five people that that makes sense to, you’re welcome. Perhaps it’s the Canadian tendency not to boast, but it took several listens for their dark arts to sink in. On the black, glossy cockroachy surface, they may initially sound like a second-run, too-proficient Swedish late ‘90s skaterock band, but you’d be mistaken. At an undisclosed point in time, the thousand hooks fall from the ceiling in some sort of hellishly devised scenario and their trap’s been sprung. You’ve just been ripped apart, but in a melodic punk rock way that uses that CockSparrer “Runnin’ Riot” siren sound effect in one track that dissolves into the sound of crackling embers of a slow-burning fire. Hail the Crusades.

 –todd (Scared To Death)