CRUMBS, THE: Self-titled: LP

Nov 22, 2009

The first two Crumbs albums sound like they’re pretty much just trying to rip off the Saints. Which is okay. The Saints were a great band and the Crumbs were picking up where the Saints left off. It worked. The singers had similar voices and the rhythm guitar just powered both bands. With this Crumbs album, though, they seem to have taken that sound an expanded it in a strange direction. It sounds like the Crumbs spent the past year and a half hanging out in the backwoods somewhere, listening to old rock’n’roll radio stations. There’s a lot of Sun studio guitar sounds, a bit of country twang, and even some touches of Ritchie Valens-style ballads. It works in some places and doesn’t work in some place. I get the feeling, at times, like the band really wants to rock, like the drummer wants to pick up the pace, like the singer wants to scream, but for some reason, they’re holding back. Then, on songs like “Out of Range,” they don’t hold back and I see what a good band they really can be. On the whole, I really do enjoy this album, and I appreciate that they’re growing as a band. I just prefer the times when they rock out.

 –sean (Recess)

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