CRUDOS, LOS: Discography: CD

Aug 06, 2009

Wild, bombastic, fast, uncompromising, and yes, brutal – all words that accurately describe the phenomenon that was Los Crudos. Coming out of the barrios of Chicago, these guys helped reinvigorate and repoliticize a style of music that, at the time, was sinking deeper and deeper into a macho-jock-metal cesspool and going from bad to just flat-out pathetic. If you can understand the lyrics, you will find the topics up for discussion range from indigenous people’s rights to the treatment of immigrants to racism both within and without the punk scene and beyond. Even if you can’t understand what they’re saying (the lyrics are in Spanish), it’s obvious that they’re not just outraged about something, they’re flat-out pissed and hell-bent on being heard. And then there’s their “music,” the equivalent of running headfirst into a moving train and jamming an ice pick into your ear while a lunch whistle screams in your ear. Included here is, I believe, damn near every song they committed to vinyl, as well as a “live in the studio” session. Even if you’re only remotely interested in hardcore, consider this mandatory material for your collection. Plop it in, set the volume at full and prepare to have the skin peeled back from your teeth.

 –jimmy (Lengua Armada)