CRUCIAL SECTION: Language Isn’t the Only Way to Communicate: LP

Sep 09, 2009

It’s scary to see that the back cover of this record almost looks like the back cover of a Manic Ears Records comp that I have from the late ‘80s, this is another band, who hail from Japan, that is part of the new Bandana-Core revival (or is it Bandana Thrash?). Whatever. Here is a band that wears their influences on their shirts. You see band names like Heresy, Ripcord and BGK in the pictures. That’s what I hear. Flannels and bandanas are also featured and recreates the look and the sound of the time period. Man, I love this stuff! Full on thrash where it doesn’t sound out of control. Tinges of crossover without being overtly metal. Mosh parts during the breaks in the song and steamroller fast sections. The great thing about punk is a new band recreates or changes the idealism of the scene all the time. It’s a self-replenishing scene. I just wish that it would all fall under one banner again instead of being broken up into all the sub-genres. One big happy family.

 –don (625)