CROWS FEET: Concertina: Cassette

Mar 24, 2009

If one were to peek under my bed, one could see in a few boxes there that I have yet to relinquish my tapes, and I still make mix-tapes on actual cassettes rather than on CDs, so I was happy to get this tape to review. Fun! The artwork on the cover is nice—a bright blue background with a cool drawing of a guy holding a baby that actually looks like an old man—loads of teeth grimacing in some kind of skull’s grin. The insert that came with it is unfortunately kinda hard to read—the background is gray/black and the writing is white, so it’s difficult to make out. There aren’t any lyrics anyway, though. The recording is not great; it sounds warbling and messy. The music is kind of folky, with a solo acoustic guitar and some whistling in the very beginning. There are occasional forays into blues and rock. He might be a good guitarist but it’s a little bit hard to tell. I admire his enthusiasm but it’s not a genre I’m particularly into and this tape didn’t win me over. 

 –Federico (Let's Pretend)